Terminal Tools

Pokemon Colorscripts

Installation On Arch or Arch based distros
yay -S pokemon-colorscripts-git
pokemon-colorscripts [OPTION] [POKEMON NAME]
"-h, --help, help" "Print this help." \
"-l, --list, list" "Print list of all pokemon"\
"-r, --random, random" "Show a random pokemon. This flag can optionally be
               followed by a generation number or range (1-8) to show random
               pokemon from a specific generation or range of generations.
               The generations can be provided as a continuous range (eg. 1-3)
               or as a list of generations (eg. 1 3 6)"\
"-n, --name" "Select pokemon by name. Generally spelled like in the games.
               a few exceptions are nidoran-f,nidoran-m,mr-mime,farfetchd,flabebe
               type-null etc. Perhaps grep the output of --list if in

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